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7000 Merrill Ave.
Box 20, Hangar A-240
Chino, CA  91710
909.606.0253 FAX

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Company Overview

Advantage Avionics specializes in avionics installations and upgrades.  Whether you want to upgrade an instrument, install a complete IFR radio stack, have a "plug and play" experimental panel built, or have an entertainment system installed, we can do it all.  We can manufacture new panels for your older aircraft and make it look like it just rolled out of the factory.  We know that every pilot and aircraft owner has different need and wants, and that's why our recommendations and installations are tailored to each and every customer.

From conventional panel layouts to full "glass cockpits", and simple radio installations to full IFR radio packages, just about any dream can become a reality at Advantage Avionics.

We strive to achieve the highest quality installations.  Everything from panel layout, to CNC cutting, to powder coating, to laser engraving, to final installation - EVERYTHING IS DONE IN HOUSE!

Come visit our facility at Chino airport (KCNO) and take a look around while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee.  We invite you to see how we take care of you and your aircraft to provide the best service possible.  We want to earn your business with true professionalism, honesty, and a comfortable experience.  Click here to visit our facility online!